Route History

Jointly operated with N12,N36 and N84 - a duty would do first half on N71 and then swap at Victoria after meal break to operate one of the other routes

Taken from 1993 allocation book

CRYSTAL PALACE - Sydenham - Dartmouth Road - Forest Hill - Brockley Rise - Brockley Cross - New Cross - Peckham - Camberwell Green - Walworth Road - Elephant - Blackfriars Road - Ludgate Circus - Fleet Street - Aldwych - TRAFALGAR SQUARE -: Westminster - VICTORIA BUS STATION ( Meal relief journeys )
Route N86 renumbered - as the route parallelled Route 171 for much of the journey it was felt more helpful to number the service N71

Extracted from 1995 map drawn by Mike Harris
The Greater London Bus Map

Scanned from Nighbus Timetable booklet dated April 1994

T939 Aldwych

Last night of operation,replaced mainly by New Route N171 - but the Brockley Rise to Sydenham section replaced by altered Route N70


PM Peckham
Meal reliefs taken at Victoria Bus Station


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