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My birthday

All the pictures below were taken on my birthday 16.07.2010 in our garden

From left to right John (NZ) Michele, Bob, Judy (NZ) Tre' ( Simone'son ) , Simone (SA Susans daughter, Victoria ( my daughter ) George and Leon - Victorias twins, Susan (SA) , Nora, and at the bottom Antonio ( Simones son )

Simone and her mum Susan ( from SA but both now living in the UK )
Michele, John and Judy ( both on holiday from NZ )
Victoria ( my daughter ) and the twins
Random photos below
This is me taken March 2016 on the Grand Union Canal at Batchworth Lock
This is Maddie, Nora's grandaughter when she was 15 but I am lucky enough to be called Grandad, taken at the Aquadrome in Rickmansworth
Mark ( Nora's son )