Route History

Temporary route to compensate for closure of Victoria Line between Seven Sisters and Walthamstow Central

CHINGFORD MOUNT  -  Crooked Billet  - Billet Road  -  Blackhorse Road  -  Blackhorse Road Stn then non stop to Tottenham Hale Stn and SEVEN SISTERS  ( MON-FRI )
It was 17 buses and 38 drivers, mostly from W garage although 6 drivers were used from Holloway (HT) but using W buses.
The 251 had recently been reassigned to London Sovereign and thus these drivers were used to provide the service
Stands were the usual 158 stand at Chingford Mount, whereas at Seven Sisters buses ran dead to and from the stand in Ashley Road at Tottenham Hale.
Basically designed to take away people from the regular Victoria line replacement bus, who usually connect at Blackhorse Rd onto the 158 or at WW Cent onto buses towards Chingford.
It was quite busy in peaks but not so much off peak


Taken from 2014 map drawn by Mike Harris


© Anthony Moore

TP410 seen here at Blackhorse Road with a very good route diagram on the side panel.

© Dean Sullivan

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Last day of operation



Operating Garages

W Cricklewood
Meal Reliefs were taken at TOTTENHAM HALE Ashley Road
or at Holloway Garage

Thank you to Brian Bell from Metrolione who supplied all the background information
I was prompted to add this history after Anthony Moore's excellent photo submission

At Chingford Mount many of the 558s actually stood in Chingford Mount Road, just beyond the bus stop (Hall Lane.) From memory, there was usually a tfl person there to advise people when one was ready to depart. Waiting at the bus stop looking at the rear of the bus, there was of course, no way of knowing when it was departing - Barry Coppock



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